What We Do?

Our works and services define us

Location Scouting & Hiring

West Bengal, definitely Kolkata has always been a favorite location for filmmakers. We are ready to find you that suitable location, be it rural or a metropolitan city, bringing your imagination to reality.

Government Authorization & Permissions

There are some locations which are undertaken by the government. In order to shoot in those locations, one needs proper permissions and authorizations. We can do that for you.

Casting actors and supporting roles

We have many skilled actors who are very professional and ethically correct with their job role. They are passionate and can execute the craft with efficiency.

Hiring of crew & technical equipment

We have skilled and well-equipped technicians who are very much professional with their job role and punctual with the time.

Lodging, Fooding & transport

We have an expert team of hospitality who are very much professional and communicative. We can provide best quality food and authentic cuisine with a live catering-system.

Event execution

We have a professional team who are ready to do any kind of events with an enthusiastic and ecstatic attitude. We prioritize excelence and quality of servicies.


Instead of focussing on the competition,
we believe in quality.